Thursday, February 24, 2011

Commercial Garage Doors

Jeri Manucci says there is one simple word to describe the new look of her home: wow.

After a two year effort to renovate their Maui home, she was surprised at the reaction she started getting after two new Martin Athena Garage Doors were installed on her house, followed by a pair of courtyard entry doors and some very unique matching gate doors.

“I constantly hear ‘is this a brand new house?’ Some people say I didn’t think there was a home there,” Manucci says. The home is 20 years old.
Manucci can’t get over the “wow factor” of her home. It was initiated by the installation of the Athena Doors. She said the follow-up with the entry doors and gate doors just pushed it over the top.

“I’m so thrilled with the doors. It’s just lovely,” Manucci said of the new arrangement.
She stumbled onto her unique look, in what she describes as happen stance.
At Home Depot, where she had purchased a front door, Manucci expressed concern about getting a garage door that was not standard and didn’t look like everything else.
She was handed a brochure of Martin Garage Doors. She said the garage door on the cover, instantly caught her attention.

Following up on what she had seen, Manucci talked to Korri Domstead, manager of International Sales for Martin Garage Doors, in Salt Lake City. Korri works with Martin’s dealer on the islands, Martin Garage Doors Hawaii.

Korri helped her decide on the style and color of her Athena Doors.
Jeri said the garage door floors were not level and the initial thought was to simply cover it up---to have the bottom section angled to cover the contour of the floor, but she they changed their minds, and had the floors redone to complement the total look of the garage.
Still, Manucci was vexed about how to make the rest of her home, come together, particularly the entry way and gates.

“How am I going to compete with the garage doors?” Manucci asked herself.
She credits Korri with helping her find the solution, through Martin’s ability to customize unique doors to each individual home.

Korri suggested some entry doors and then went beyond the brochure in suggesting Martin could probably build some gateway doors for the home, as well. The gateway doors are only 3 x 4 and not within the normal scope of most garage door manufacturers.
Manucci absolutely loves the unique doors and what they do for her home.
The result, according to the happy homeowner, is that the home is attractive from both the front and back.

The doors go beyond attractive. They are built with safety in mind. The doors come with over 20 safety features standard, including FingerShield, and RollerShield.
To design your own unique Martin Garage Door go to

A pair of Martin Athena Garage Doors helped revitalized this Maui home.

The entry doors at the home, included specially painted hardware.

Few manufacturers have the ability to customize like Martin Garage Doors. This is one of the 3 x 4 gateway doors specially built for the projects